Jacksonville Senior Men’s Interclub
Representatives -Semi-Annual Meeting

Jacksonville Golf & Country Club
June 18, 2015

The Annual Meeting of the member Club Representatives of the Jacksonville Senior Men’s Interclub was held June 18, 2015 at the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club. Present were Ray Mantle, Barney Poston, Dave Noble, Allen Witham, Skip Lunsford, Bob Wildner, Dave Spring, Ray Cabano, Joe Pierce, Jon Peterson, Jon Ross, Patrick O’Neill, Bill Basney, Jock Ochiltree, Bob Bolan, Ben Parmer, Bill Jenkins and Bruce MacDonald.

The meeting started shortly after 9AM. Ray Mantle acted as the Meeting Facilitator and Bruce MacDonald acted as the Secretary of the Meeting. Ray passed out an agenda and made some introductory remarks, including observing Jack Garrity and Glenn Dobrick were not present.

The first order of business was approval of the minutes of the December 4, 2015 meeting. By resolution made and passed the minutes were approved as earlier circulated and submitted.


Treasurer Dave Noble gave a financial report as of 6/18/2015, included as Attachment 1.

Dave Spring, Chairman of the Conduct Committee, reported there was nothing to report.

Allen Witham, Chairman of the Handicapping Report, also said there was no report.

Bill Basney, Scheduling Chairman, reported that he would like this group to make a decision about the Barney Poston Cup this year. He also noted that several contracts for the 2015 year had been have yet to be signed.

Barney Poston, SMI Chairman Emeritus and Webmaster, gave the Technology report. Barney Poston reported on his duties as webmaster, noted the proposed new website was well worth the money and suggested that SMI move to the new website. Barney noted that most new websites do not support the old software we are currently using. A motion was made, seconded and passed to implement the new website to become the official SMI website.

Ray Mantle reported that Jack had arranged printing of the scanning scorecards, with an estimated year’s supply of professionally printed blank cards on hand. Ray indicated we would use a black and white printer to insert the field data, such as name , handicap etc. to complete the scanning cards for use at a monthly tournament. One problem was that it would take a different driver for each printer if the cards were to be printed by each club. To eliminate this issue Jack bought a printer which will be available for use by each Club Rep, with Jack supplying the information to be printed. In order to make all of this work smoothly a training session will be required at some future time. Ray volunteered to have the training session at Queens Harbour, with a training date to be determined. Until that is done Allen Witham will print the score cards and bring them to the tournaments while Jack is away on vacation.

Ray then addressed some intellectual property issues regarding the scanning software and how it relates to Jack Garrity and Barney Poston as the owners/developers of the software used in the SMI scoring process. Ray proposed that we license the software from Jack and Barney for SMI’s use; he also discussed whether the software might be marketed to other clubs as a possible source of revenue for Jack, Barney and SMI. Ray proposed that we discuss this further at the December 2015 meeting.

Ray Mantle gave a short Tournament Chair report. He noted that the monthly tournaments were running smoothly under the system where each Club Rep acted as the Tournament Director for the SMI tournament held at his club. Ray commented about the marking of the scanning score cards and how several were incorrectely marked on the bubble section or not marked at all. Some discussion took place over about whether the bubble or the numerical score was the official score. A motion was made, seconded and passed to table the issue of the marking the cards to the December 2015 meeting.

Old Business

Ray Mantle briefly addressed the delegation of duties to the Club Reps and asked if anyone had any suggestions for changes, etc.

Admission of new members. Right now there is no interest in admitting new members or increasing the field size. Some discussion took place regarding the maximum field size. Ray read two emails from Glenn Dobrick regarding a price increase for the Sawgrass CC for 2016 and the issue of limiting the field to ninety players.

Bill Basney reported that we have nothing scheduled for 2016. Some discussion took place about an increase in food prices in the future. A motion was made, seconded and passed (with four votes against) to increase the fee paid by the players from $60 to $62 dollars for the 2016 season (of the amount paid by the players, $3 is retained by SMI for its administration and the balance is paid to the Club hosting the monthly tournament).

New Business

Bill Basney gave the Nominating Committee report. Glenn Dobrick earlier had resigned as Vice Chairman, so the Nominating Committee nominated Mike Keyes as the Vice Chairman to fill the vacancy. The nomination and election of Mike Keyes as Vice Chair was unanimously passed. Ray indicated we need a Nominating Committee for the officers to be elected at the December 2015 meeting. Patrick O’Neill volunteered and Ray asked him to pick two other people to work with him. Bill Basney volunteered to assist Pat and Pat selected Mike Keyes to be the third member.

The next order of business was the amendment of Rule 3-4 regarding tees and yardages. Allen Withham reported for the committee appointed by Ray at the December 2014 meeting that, after discussion with Barney Poston and Jack Garrity, the best thing to do was to leave Rule 3-4 unchanged. A lengthy discussion took place about the differences in the tees and yardages to be used in the SMI matches. A motion was made, seconded and passed to amend Rule 3-4 to keep the total yardage under six thousand yards. The revised text of Rule 3-4 is set forth in Attachment 3.

The next new business was revision of the Rules. Jon Peterson reported for the committee appointed by Ray at the December 2014 meeting. Jon and Ray Mantle went through each proposed revision, explaining why the revision was included. Ray’s goal is to have the text of the Rules be more consistent. A comprehensive review of each section with the proposed revision was discussed. A motion, seconded and passed to accept the proposed revisions, as further revised at the meeting. A copy of the revised Rules is included as Attachment 2.

Ben Parmer brought up the issue of skins games being played at SMI tournaments, which had been tabled from the December 2014 meeting. There was discussion regarding making participation in the skins game optional, with each Club Rep administering it separately from SMI’s scoring system. That was considered as too difficult to administer. After further discussion, it was agreed that SMI would not object to skins games being played at SMI tournaments, but SMI would have no involvement apart from making available scoring information.

A question was raised by Dave Noble regarding last minute no shows and payment obligations. After discussion no motion was made as to a resolution and the matter was left unchanged.

Ray brought up the need for a volunteer to be the Tournament Director for the Poston Cup tournament in November. Bruce MacDonald volunteered with Ray Mantle as a backup. A brief discussion about the possible location for the Poston Cup tournament took place and Bill Basney volunteered to look into that. The consensus was that the Poston Cup should be held at Deerwood CC, Timaquana CC or Palencia CC as the preferred choices.

Ray Mantle reported that the Brady Cup bowl is in his possession and raised the question of where the trophy should be kept now it was retired. After discussion and noting that Mr. Brady had been a member of Orange Park CC, it was resolved that Ray would bring the Brady Bowl to the Deercreek match and give it to Joe Pierce so that Orange Park CC could put the Brady Bowl in its trophy case.

A question was then raised regarding adjustment of a player’s handicap when the player has not been actively playing for some time and his GHIN handicap is materially different than his SMI handicap. It was resolved that when a player has not been playing for some time, such as a year, that player’s handicap will revert to that of a new player and be subject to the thirty eight point maximum until a new handicap can be established. It was recommended that each Club Rep send Barney a list of inactive members who may be purged from the SMI membership list.

The location and date of the December 2015 meeting was then raised for discussion. San Jose CC agreed to host the December 2015 meeting. Bill Basney will check the availability of a date early in the month.

Bill Basney brought up the possibility of having name tags made for the representatives. Ray asked Dave Noble to check our finances, to see if there are funds available for the purchase of the nametags.

Bill Basney brought up having the first tournament of the 2016 season in December. After discussion, it was agreed that Bill could move the San Jose CC date from January 2016 to December 2015 if San Jose CC was agreeable to the change.

Other Notes and Adjournment

There being no other business raised for consideration by the meeting, it was duly adjourned about 11:45 AM. After lunch a number of the representatives enjoyed a round of golf on the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club Course.

Respectfully submitted
/Bruce MacDonald/
Bruce MacDonald, Secretary

Attachment (1)
SMI Financial Report as of 06/18/2015

Attachment (2)
Senior Men’s Golf Association Revised Rules

Attachment (3)

3-4. Tees

All players will compete from the same tees. The Tournament Chairman will select the USGA-rated tees under 6,000 yards and direct the host club’s Pro to arrange the tee markers so the course length is as near to those tees as feasible. Consistent with the course rating, the host club should balance the effect of a shortened or lengthened course, respectively, by cutting harder or easier than average hole locations and managing faster or slower greens.

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