Effective January 2017



The Senior Men’s Interclub (SMI) provides monthly competition and a yearly championship event for eight-man teams from 15 Member Clubs in the Jacksonville area. It has been doing that since 1997.


The SMI governing organization consists of an annually elected Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary (the SMI Officers) and a Club Representative from each Member Club. The SMI Officers conduct the league’s business with the advice and consent of the Club Representatives who meet twice a year, in December and June. The duties of each are appended.

The league maintains a website ( and an email list as its principal means of communication between the SMI Officers, Club Representatives, and team members.

Member Clubs

The member Clubs include: Deercreek CC, Eagle Harbor, Hidden Hills, Jacksonville Golf, Long Point, Marsh Creek, Marsh Landing, Orange Park, Osprey Cove, Palencia, Queen’s Harbour,  San Jose, Sawgrass, and World Golf Village.

Club Representatives will be notified on a proposed addition of a new Member Club or subtraction of an existing Club. A majority of the Club Representatives must approve either action. Any Club’s membership may be revoked for lack of participation or conduct detrimental to the organization.

The number of Member Clubs and size of teams is directly related and cannot be arbitrarily changed without affecting Host Club finances and pace of play.

Annual Championship

The regular season begins in January with monthly events rotating among our Member Clubs’ courses. The season ends in November with the Barney Poston Cup Tournament played at a neutral site chosen to ensure no team has an unfair advantage. The neutral site’s fees are apt to be higher than our Member Clubs’ fees because they are courses that are unaffiliated with our organization.



1-1. Participation

Participation in SMI events is limited to males aged 55 or more from our Member Clubs. New members may play in an SMI event during the month they attain age 55.

Team Composition

2-1. Teams

Teams consist of eight or fewer players, all of whom must be from the same Member Club.

2-2. Partial Teams

Each Member Club is expected to make a good faith effort to field an eight-man team but there is no penalty for falling short of that objective.

2-3. Vacant Slots

Players from other clubs may fill any vacant slots but their scores will neither count in the competition nor toward handicap calculations and prizes. They will pay the normal price for the round less the amount charged for prize money.

The Game

3-1. USGA Rules of Golf

Play is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf except as modified by local rules of the host club and the SMI.

3-2. Format

The format for all competitions is the net Stableford scoring system in accordance with USGA Rule 32-1b.

3-3. Starting Time

SMI competitions use a shotgun start, normally at 9:00 a.m. Some Member Clubs may require a different starting time. The host Pro and Tournament Director aka Club Representative will brief players 15 minutes before the starting time to ensure that players will arrive at their designated teeing areas at the starting time.

3-4. Tees

The SMI league will maintain and publish the tees and associated data (description, ratings, yardage) to be used for each match.  Each team representative will be responsible for maintaining the accuracy of this information by notifying the league webmaster of any changes.  Adoption of any proposed changes will be reviewed at semi-annual league meetings.

For each match, the Tournament Director shall place the tee markers on the designated tee boxes; in selecting tee marker locations on a tee box, the Tournament Director may take into account conditions affecting play such as weather, hole location and course condition.

Eagle HarborGreen68.41235915
Hidden HillsGreen68.61205745
Long PointBlack69.01255802
Marsh CreekWhite69.71255778
Marsh LandingWhite69.61265878
Orange ParkWhite68.51235843
Osprey CoveGray68.51255792
Queens HarbourWhite67.91145836
San JoseBlue/White68.21165621
SawgrassEast/West Green67.91325685
Slammer & Sq.White66.71135711
Updated 12/2017

3-5. Pace of Play

Each group is requested to maintain a steady pace of play and to keep up with the group in front of them. We play Ready Golf.

3-6. Inclement Weather

The SMI Chairman, in consultation with the host club’s Pro and Club Representative, shall decide when play is to be cancelled or suspended. The Tournament Director should do everything possible to protect players from lightning. He should not cancel or suspend play simply on account of rain, unless the rain is so heavy that it would be unfair to require players to continue. When practicable, the Tournament Director may reschedule a cancelled round after consultation with the SMI Scheduling Chairman and the SMI Chairman.

3-7. Communications

On-course communications regarding the competition in progress is strictly forbidden. This applies to players and spectators.

3-8. Tournament Director

The Club Representative for the host Club shall arrange for all necessary activities to ensure a successful event. A list of duties and checklist are appended.

Local Rules

4-1. Distance-Measuring Devices

In Senior Men’s Interclub competition, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3.

4-2. Lost Balls

We limit searches for lost balls to three minutes.

4-3. Continuous Putting (Deleted in its entirety)

4-4. Provisional Ball, Water Hazard

If there is doubt whether a ball is in or is lost in a water hazard (including a lateral water hazard), the player may play another ball provisionally under any of the applicable options in Rules of Golf: Rule 26-1.

  1. If the original ball is found outside the water hazard, the player must continue play with it.
  2. If the original ball is found in the water hazard, the player may either play the original ball as it lies or continue with the provisional ball.
  3. If the original ball is not found or identified within the three-minute search period, the player must continue with the provisional ball.

4-5.  Accidental movement of the ball on a putting green

USGA Golf Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1 are modified as follows:

When a player’s ball lies on a putting green, there is no penalty if the ball or ball-marker is accidentally moved by the player or his partner or any of their equipment. The moved ball or ball-marker must be replaced as provided in USGA Golf Rules 18-2, 18-3 and 20-1.

This Local Rule applies only when the player’s ball or ball-marker lies on the putting green and any movement is accidental.

Note: If it is determined that a player’s ball on the putting green was moved as a result of wind, water or some other natural cause such as the effects of gravity, the ball must be played as it lies from its new location. A ball-marker moved in such circumstances is replaced.


5-1. SMI Handicap System

To ensure a level playing field we use our own system to calculate handicap indexes based on each player’s adjusted gross scores in SMI competitions. All scores, including those for holes not finished and holes not played, are subject to the application of Equitable Stroke Control.

5-2. SMI Handicap Index

Until they have played in three SMI competitions, players must use their USGA Handicap Index, and are thereby limited to a maximum of 38 Stableford points. Once players have competed in three SMI competitions they will be assigned a handicap index based on their scores in SMI competitions.

5-3. Tournament Score

For purposes of reporting their SMI round to their home club handicapping system, players should report their round as a Tournament Score.


6-1. Scorecards

We require complete and legible scorecards signed by both the marker and the player. Scorecards must include the first and last name of the player, his SMI member number using shaded bubbles and his handicap. The scorecards will include bubbles to be filled in to record the player’s hole by hole gross score. The filled in bubbles will be a player’s official gross score;  the scorecard will be scanned and a player’s total gross score and Stableford points will be calculated and  posted electronically using the software prepared by Jack Garrity.  Scanning of the scorecard, electronic calculation of a player’s gross score and Stableford points and posting of the same will be the Committee’s final action and no change in a player’s gross score or Stableford points will be made once results of the tournament have been announced absent manifest fraud or Committee error affecting the entire field.

Once a scorecard is signed by both the marker and player and submitted to the scoring table, no alterations to the scorecard may be made without permission of the Committee.

6-2. Picking Up

If a player should pick up on a hole after achieving his ESC score for that hole, the marker must record a “0”. The committee will calculate the player’s adjusted gross score for that hole.

6-3. Incomplete Scorecards

The committee will reject incomplete scorecards, including those that have not been signed by the marker and the player. If an incomplete scorecard is not corrected and submitted in a timely manner, the player will be treated as not present.

6-4. Leaving the Course

If the Tournament Director has not suspended the competition and a player should leave the course, his marker will submit his score up to the time he left. The player will receive the greater of his actual points scored or the lowest score in the field for that day.

Team Competition and Prizes

7-1. Monthly Competition

At each monthly competition, including the Cup Tournament, the team with the most Stableford points scored by the best six of its eight players is declared the winner.

7-2. Monthly Competition Tie-breaker

In the event of ties among the winning teams, the five highest point totals for each team will be used to break the tie. If that fails to break the tie, then the four highest point totals are used, and so on, continuing until the tie is broken.

7-3. Monthly Prizes

We award merchandise certificates to the top four teams in each monthly competition.  The amounts of the merchandise prize certificates to be awarded are based on total number of players and listed in the appendix.

7-4. Barney Poston Cup (was John Brady Cup)

To cap the season, the points scored at the annual Cup Tournament are doubled. The team with the most Stableford points for the season will be recognized as that season’s SMI Champion and awarded the Cup). The SMI Champion retains the Cup for one year.

7-5. Cup match Tie-Breaker

If two or more teams tie for the Cup, then the Cup is awarded to the team that was ahead in the season’s standings immediately prior to the Cup Tournament.

7-6. Year-end Prizes

A cash reserve is built up throughout the regular season. Starting in 2011, that reserve will be spent for year ending prizes which may include dinner certificates, gift cards, etc. In addition we will also solicit and distribute donation prizes from Member Clubs.

These “door” prizes will be distributed on a random basis based on individual player participation in the season with each participated match earning 1 entry chance. Thanks to Jack Garrity’s expertise, this computerized drawing can be done in advance to save time.

Tournament Director’s Checklist

Regular Event

  1. At the SMI tournament preceding the SMI tournament at your Club collect the laptops, HDMI cable, etc. used for scoring and carry them home for use at your Club. Also collect the table placards for team seating at lunch and deliver these to your Food Service Manager.
  2. Two to three months in advance of your event, the SMI Chairman will send an email with preliminary information that covers scoring table arrangements, dining room/lunch arrangements, course set up (tees, hole locations, etc.), prizes, PA system, TV access for scoring use, etc. When you receive this email, review it with your Pro, Food Service Director and General Manager to start the process of getting everything set up appropriately.
  3. Sometime before your event, Jack Garrity as SMI’s Scorekeeper will ask you to confirm your course layout as recorded in the SMI database: tee markers; course and slope ratings; and hole-by-hole pars, yardages, and handicap strokes. Coordinate this information with your Pro and course superintendent so the course will be accurately described on the scorecards we supply.
  4. On Thursday evening preceding your event, Jack Garrity as SMI’s Scorekeeper will prepare the pairings for Barney Poston as SMI’s Webmaster to review and post on-line. By Friday evening, Barney Poston as SMI’s Webmaster will send an email informing you and your Pro of the pairings so you can prepare cart-by-cart placards and alphabetic grouping notices. You should monitor the SMI webpage and ensure your Pro is doing what is required to respond to revisions in the posted pairings.
  5. Jack Garrity as SMI’s Scorekeeper will prepare scorecards for the SMI electronic scoring system and deliver them to your Pro no less than 105 minutes before the scheduled starting time. The ScoreKeeper will deliver scorecards corresponding to the most recent pairings list on the SMI webpage. The scorecards are provided in hole-by-hole and cart-by-cart order that should correspond with the placards on each cart. It is assumed the first card in each pair is the driver, the second card is for the rider.
  6. Jack Garrity as SMI’s Scorekeeper will develop a scoring plan with listed positions and personnel to staff them. Arrange for volunteers from your Club to fill those positions identified as yours to fill and inform Jack Garrity. Some of these positions will be stand-by only in case manual scoring input is required.
  7. Arrange for a volunteer photographer to take digital photos of the winning teams, etc. for use on the SMI webpage. Send the photos to Jack Garrity and Barney Poston by email.
  8. Make the announcements before players depart the cart staging area (using a PA system). Jack Garrity will send you the draft text of the script to be used. After your announcements your Pro should make any announcements about Local Rules, etc.
  9. Collect from the Pro Shop a dozen golf balls to be awarded as prizes for closest to the pin on the Par 3’s and collect from the Pro Shop the prize certificates for the top 4 teams.
  10. Announce the winners of the proximity prizes and the team winners and award the prizes.
  11. Send the names of the winners of the proximity prizes to Jack Garrity and Barney Poston.

Barney Poston Cup Event

In case of the Barney Poston Cup tournament, there are a couple of additional tasks:

  1. Consider arranging with Mark Snitzer to sing God Bless America before players depart the cart staging area (using a PA system).
  2. Award the prize for highest number of points scored by a player. SMI will provide this prize.
  3. Award the prize for longest drive on No. 18 hole. SMI will provide this prize.

SMI Chairman Responsibilities and Duties

 The Senior Men’s Interclub of Jacksonville (SMI) is a self-governing body in which the member Clubs’ Representatives act as a Board of Governors and the SMI Chairman acts as the chief executive officer. The SMI Chairman possesses decision-making power, disciplinary power, and dispute resolution authority.

It shall be the duty of the SMI Chairman to preside over the annual and semiannual meetings of the Board of Governors held in June and December each year and such other special meetings that he or a five-person subset of club representatives shall call. In this capacity, the SMI Chairman sets the agenda items for information, discussion or a decision at such meetings, conducts the meetings according to accepted rules of order and encourages club representatives to participate in discussion and arrive at decisions in an orderly, timely and democratic manner.

The SMI Chairman shall be empowered to create as many committees as he deems necessary to insure the smooth and successful operation of the league.  The SMI Chairman shall appoint the committee members and the  committee chairmen. The SMI Chairman may be a member of these committees with the privilege of one vote or serve in an ex officio capacity without a vote. In the event of a vacancy in any elected SMI office (Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary), it shall be the SMI Chairman’s responsibility to have such vacancy filled for the balance of the unexpired year after approval by a majority of the Club Representatives obtained via email or by election at the next scheduled meeting of the Club Representatives.

The following list of duties of the SMI Chairman is illustrative only and not exclusive:

  • Maintain the roster of Club Representatives, including email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. and distribute the same
  • Send an advance email notice to the Club Representative who will be the Tournament Director for his club’s event approximately 2 months in advance of the SMI tournament at his club – the email should include all pertinent information about the tees, tee time, scoring, prizes, lunch room arrangements, etc. to assist the Club Representative in his duties as the Tournament Director
  • Coordinate with each Tournament Director, Barney Poston, Jack Garrity and Allen Witham regarding posting of team rosters, preparation of pairings and score cards, etc. for the monthly SMI Tournaments and the Poston Cup Tournament
  • Coordinate with Jack Garrity regarding the script for pre-round announcements by the Tournament Director
  • Assist the Tournament Directors for the monthly SMI Tournaments and the Poston Cup tournament as requested or needed
  • Assist at the scoring table for monthly SMI Tournaments and the Poston Cup tournament
  • Coordinate with the Conduct Committee with respect to any matters or Rules questions which may arise at a monthly SMI Tournament or the Poston Cup tournament
  • Appoint standing committees and special committees, including Conduct, Handicapping, Scheduling, Website, Technical and Nominating Committees
  • Appoint the Tournament Director(s) for the Poston Cup tournament and assist as requested or needed
  • Coordinate with the SMI Treasurer regarding funds available for team prizes awarded at the Poston Cup tournament and coordinate with Club Representatives re donated items to be awarded as door prizes
  • Plan and conduct the Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings of the Club Representatives
  • Assist in preparation of minutes for Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings of the Club Representatives and distribute the same
  • Handle email notices and inquiries to Club Representatives about matters arising between the Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings of the Club Representatives for email discussion/input and voting on such matters
  • Work closely with the Vice-Chair to ensure continuity as responsibilities transition to the successor Chairman

Vice Chair

The Vice Chair will perform the duties of the  SMI Chairman in the event of the SMI Chairman’s absence or inability to serve.  Service as Vice Chair includes the responsibility to prepare to serve as SMI Chairman.  The Club Representatives by majority vote may delegate other duties to the Vice Chair.


The Secretary shall keep or cause to be kept the records of SMI,  including but not limited to minutes of all meetings of the Club Representatives, and the Rules and other governing policies of SMI.  The Secretary shall be responsible for ensuring the proper and legal mailing of notices to the Club Representatives, and shall fulfill other responsibilities as maybe designated from time to time by the Club Representatives by majority vote.


The Treasurer shall have the responsibility to oversee the care and custody of all SMI funds and securities and the deposit of said funds in accounts for the benefit of SMI.  The Treasurer shall be one of the SMI Officers authorized to sign the SMI checks. Audits, reviews or compilations of the SMI books  may be conducted by an outside person according to policies adopted by the Club Representatives by majority vote.

In the event of the absence or inability of the Treasurer to perform his  office, or if the office of Treasurer becomes vacant by reason of death, resignation, disqualification or any other cause, the Club Representatives by majority vote shall immediately appoint a replacement to fulfill the unexpired term of Treasurer with all of the rights, privileges and powers as if he had been duly elected Treasurer

Policy Statements

  1.  SMI will not delay more than five minutes the scheduled time to depart the cart staging area due to late arrival of a Club’s team members;  if one or more of a Club’s team members are not present when the carts depart the staging area, those players may join their assigned foursomes on the course ASAP after their arrival,  with a zero score assigned for all holes missed by such players in catching up with their assigned foursomes.  The Committee may modify application of this Policy in any particular situation as it determines at that time.
  2. The SMI Chairman in conjunction with each host Club Representative shall designate two Course Marshalls or Rangers to monitor the front nine and back nine of the course for slow play or undue delay.  Upon observation after the first hour of play, the Course Marshall or Ranger shall give a warning for the first slow play or undue delay offense by a group, give notice of any further offenses by a group and report to the Committee so it might determine if any penalties should be assessed pursuant to Rule 32-1(b) of the Rules of Golf. In general, if a group has one or more holes open in front of it, that would be evidence of slow play.
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